002 Notification for International Students Entering NJU Campus

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I. Apply to enter the campus

Before entering the campus for the first time in each semester, you need to complete the application in the Nanjing University App. Please see the screenshots below for downloading and logging in the App. You need a Chinese mobile phone number to log in. If you do not have a Chinese mobile phone number and your dormitory is in Xianlin Campus, you are advised to stay in an off-campus hotel for a few days after entering China. After getting your mobile phone card, you can apply to enter the campus and get the passcode to enter Xianlin Campus.

1. How to apply

南京大学”App → “健康通行” → “入校申请”→Fill in

* Please noted that

1If you live in Xiyuan Hotel or Pingcang Lane Apartment in Gulou campus, please choose “/No” under “是否住校/Do you live on campus”.

2Please make sure that the “预计入校日期/Estimated return date” is on or after the approval of the verification. If the date filled in is earlier than the approval time, the application is invalid. The campus code will become normal on the day.

3After determining the entry time, you need to complete the application “入校申请” at least 2 days in advance! After the approval of the Institute, your campus code will turn purple on the day of “Estimated return date” filled in before. You can swipe your student card or scan the code to enter the campus. If you didn’t swipe the card or scan the code before 24:00 that day, your campus code will be invalid.

4Verification time: The Institute will verify the application at 10:00 a.m. everyday. Please fill in before this time. If there is no emergency, please wait for the central verification time and do not urge. In case of emergency, you can contact your counsellor (click to see the corresponding teacher of students in all departments https://a.17gz.org/upload/image/2023/08_6/NEWS/09aaae55e4bf4c339ee39fff006f4a5f.pdf).


II. About campus code

1.Make sure to swipe the card every time you enter the campus. When your code turns grey, you cannot get in and out of the campus as normal. You need to apply to enter the campus in NJU App again.

2.If you fail to swipe the card when entering or leaving the school due to the school system failure, please report to the counsellor immediately! Do not wait until the code turns grey the next day! If this happens for several times, it may be deemed that you have not returned to the dorm at night, and you need to submit a description of the situation. Please do not leave the school before the code turns normal.


III. Ask for Leave

1. The following is situations that you need to ask for leave:

(1) Resident students who do not return to dorm that night need to ask for leave, whether you leave Nanjing or not;

(2) All students who leave Nanjing for other cities need to ask for leave whether you return to Nanjing on the same day or not.


1Fill in the Leave Application Form

For Undergraduateshttps://box.nju.edu.cn/f/fedf12b494f84e0a942b/

For MA and PhD studentshttps://box.nju.edu.cn/f/ead0c58dbc8d4ec89e1c/

2NJU App → “请销假申请” → click the “+” in the lower right corner → fill in the needed information(access type-出校), upload the picture of your signed Leave Application Form in the attachment→ submit

3Cancel the leaveWhen your leave is over, before returning to school, you need to apply in the App and choose “进校” to restore the code.

3. Please strictly abide by the leave system: Leaving according to the regulations, we can help you inform teachers, dormitory management and other relevant personnel. If you do not ask for leave according to the regulations, you will be punished, and your school performance will be truthfully reported to the scholarship review department and the Exit and Entry Administration! If serious consequences are caused, please bear your own responsibility.


IV. Attentions after entry

1. Please go to Office 518, Zengxianzi Building, Gulou Campus for registration. Please read the registration requirements in advance.


2. Please check the guidebook of living in Nanjing University. It contains campus life considerations, dormitory management rules and matters needing attention for insurance claim and visa application.


3. You must abide by Chinese laws and regulations. Please study the relevant laws and regulations.


Please read the regulations carefully. If you violate the rules, you will be notified to the scholarship administration department and the entry-exit administration department according to the seriousness of the circumstances, which will affect the scholarship evaluation and visa application!